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NFL 2017 Week 5: The Sheriff, The Stu

Folks, the NFL tides are turning.

First off, we apologize for some sound issues. We love Eddie Juarez’s Bar and Grill and Cantina (yes) in Los Angeles — and their patio — but the Santa Ana Winds were blowing harder and faster than (insert your favorite inappropriate analogy here).

Recent “Big Game” (NFL copyright speak for “$up34 B0wl” winners) Patriots couldn’t cover against the Bucs on Thursday. The Giants? Fuggedaboutit. Can the San Diego Los Angeles Chargers beat them on Sunday? Listen to what Jimmy Mac thinks.

Do the Detroit Lions stand a chance against headline-grabbing Cam Newton‘s Carolina Panthers?

Plus: the Cardinals have pulled off some crazy wins — against some meh teams, #amIright? How will they fare against the Philadelphia Eagles? Jimmy Mac gives his thoughts.

And just who the hell are “Sheriff Sharon” and “Stu”? As usual — listen and find out.


Humanitarian Fast Eddie gives us his over-under picks — but not before some controversy surfaces as to who’s going to win the NLDS series between the Dodgers and Dbacks. And what does Chris have against Los Angeles’ prince, Magic Johnson?

Listen to this week’s episode now! (Again: we apologize for some sound issues.)

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Online Only Pick

Jimmy Mac’s online only pick this week is the Los Angeles Rams -1 over the Seattle Seahawks.

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